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May 2022

Town Board meeting called to order on May 09, 2022 @7:00pm at the Meteor Community Center with all members present. Also present was 1 operator and 8 residents and 1 visitor.


Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: Approved by a White/Welling motion

Treasurer’s Report: Approved by a Welling/White motion


Correspondence: Conditional Use Permit-Zesiger pit-results-approved at the county level

                            MFL transfer-information only


ATV/UTV road usage was moved up. With the information that was provided, an Olson/Welling motion carried that the tow would approve the opening of Cty Hwy C from Schmuck driveway to the intersection of Cty Hwy C and Deer Lake Road in the Town of Meteor.                            


Old Business:  Road work- We have been able to do some grading. Several of the roads are still very soft from frost still coming out.

                        Dump truck brake repair- Brake repair has been completed.

                        ROW road brushing and mowing- JJ’s will be here in 2 days to do the brushing. Baker to collaborate with them on what needs to be cut. The grass mowing will be done in July as requested.

                        Replace loader 1yr warranty left- We received the cost from FABICK for new loaders. FABICK to attend June meeting for our decision.


Budget Review: Done

Reports:  Chairman Olson-Attended the hearing on the gravel pit CUP.


New Business:  BOR ordinances income and expense- no action

                          Deer Lake decking paving- Decking is done and paving when the road is paved

                          Private party using loader-No

                          ARPA reporting- Frey stated what he will be reporting next year.

                          Comments WTA newsletter-none


Public recognition: The solar panels are operational. We should continue to receive the ATC money.

Bills: Welling/White motion to approve 11815-11842


Adjournment-White/Welling motion to approve

Clarence, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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