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February 2022

Town Board meeting called to order on Feb 14, 2022 @7:00pm at the Meteor Community Center with all members present. Also present was both operators and 3 residents.


Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: Approved as printed by Welling/White motion.

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as printed by a White/Welling motion.


Correspondence: MFL Transfer info only

                            Kevin Fischer rezone approved by County

                            Grant funding info only

                            Timber cutting notice info only




Old Business:  Ord 1994-2 rewrite nothing new

                        District meeting-date changed still okay with all                       

                        Emergency Support Function February meeting


Budget Review: Board done

Reports:  Chairman Olson-County Public works showed a ATV trail that we believe is incorrect. Olson working on it. Hayward has a vaccination and testing site and the Veterans office will be moving there shortly.

               County Rep Olson-The County Administrator has 3 more weeks before leaving.


New Business: Bevcomm High Speed Internet-A Welling/White motion was approved to approve their request for letter approving there grant application.

                         Pit reclamation report-completed the report and payment.

                         Zesiger pit conditional use permit renewal. A Welling/White motion was approved to continue the town being the operator for pit reclamation.

                         Deer Lake dam deck-the Rice Lake company does larger bridges and would be very expense to hire to do this project.

                         Road work or gravel bidding-we will bid gravel crushing now for summer work.

                         Audit meeting date-set for Wednesday Feb 23 @ 6:00 pm

                         Convention-think about going

                         Discussion from Cty unit meeting-ARPA funding change and upcoming Infrastructor bill and how to apply.

                         Comments WTA newsletter-grans and district meeting.


Public recognition: Election ICE machine is arriving soon. Truck alternator and belt have been installed. Need to take to get the brakes done.

Bills: Welling/White motion to approve to pay vouchers 11753-11774 including tax settlement checks.



            Board meeting                                            Mar 14, 2022 @7:00pm

            Emergency Management                            Feb 21, 2022 @6:00pm

            Audit meet                                                   Feb 23, 2022 @6:00pm


Adjournment-Welling/White motion approved to adjourn.

Clarence Frey, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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