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August 2022

Town Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Olson Aug 08, 2022 @7:15pm with all members present except Supervisor White. Also present was both operators and 6 residents.


Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: Approved as printed by Welling/Olson motion

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as printed by Welling/Olson motion



Insurance rep change. New agent is Josh Huray.


Old Business:  

NCP/solar use: Keeping a eye on useage to see why bills are so high.

Road work: Been grading. Need to replace 1 culvert on Zettel.

ROW mowing: Still coming but will be later in August.

Replace loader 1yr warranty left: The shifting issue is repaired but now need a tire repaired again.


Budget Review: Done



Chairman Olson, nothing to report


New Business:  

Joint Recycling ordinance: signed our copy.

Procurement policy-Conflict of Interest: Clerk Frey to go ahead and write these resolutions.


Comments WTA newsletter, nothing special.


Public recognition: no responses


Welling/Olson motion to approve vouchers 11871-11886



            Board meeting                                            Sep 12, 2022 @7:00pm




Welling/Olson approved to adjourn

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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