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August 2021

Town Board meeting was called to order on Aug 09, 2021 @7:00pm all members present. Also present was 2 operators and 7 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: Approved as printed, White/Welling motion

Treasurer’s Report: Approved as printed, Welling/White motion


Correspondence: Need a Public Hearing on redistricting Oct 11 @6:45pm

                            DOR Equalized value review

                            County Board of Appeals approved a variance after the fact. Ask towns for opinion even if not followed.                           


Old Business:  Ord 1994-2 rewrite, nothing new.

                        Solar power, the electrician will wire it soon.

                        Road mowing did the grass mowing. Do the brush mowing later before winter.

                        Convention, last convention Clerk Frey will attend. Olson/Welling motion approved to pay $35.00 for Sheila to attend banquet with husband.

                        Fall workshop-no one attending

                        Paser/WISLR-no one attending

                        Voting machine-has been ordered

                        Republic dumpster-not heard back


Budget Review: Board-done

Reports:  Chairman Olson-roads are looking good.

               County Rep Olson-most covered in correspondence. ATV trail on a county road without approval from the Town.


New Business: Synergy prepay-Olson/Welling to pay $4,000

                         SC Record-town not ordering

                         Ordered 55-gal drum cradle-arrive end of August

                         Joint Recycling education resolution-signed

                         Day and night honking at Trump sign-White has volunteered to contact the party.

                         Road work-ordering lift for doing Deer Lake Dam bridge. Vierck is done and will schedule Fairman soon.

                         Comments WTA newsletter-no comment


Public recognition: Sign missing on Cty Rd D. Thank you to the town for mowing. It is great to move to a very friendly atmosphere.

Review & Disposition of Bills: Board-approved as printed, Welling/White motion


Adjournment-approved by a Welling/White motion

Clarence Frey, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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