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April 2022

Town Board meeting called to order by Chair Olson on Apr 11, 2022 @7:00pm at the Meteor Community Center with all members present. Also present was 2 contractor, 2 operators, and 5 residents.


Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was done

Disposition of Minutes: approved as printed by a White/Welling motion.

Treasurer’s Report: approved as printed by a Welling/White motion


Bid opening; Gravel-Antczak $6.00/yard; Thompson $3.90/yard; Hass $5.40/yard

Bid awarded to Thompson

Blacktop Monarch 1 ¼ mile $200,592.40; additional add to Lakeview Lane $36,137.86; Olson/Welling motion approved for Cty C to sharp corner and Welling/White motion approved to go from the sharp corner to Lakeview Lane.


Correspondence: FABICK open house-someone may attend

                            Conditional Use Permit-Zesiger Pit-White/Welling motion approved CUP for Zesiger pit.

                            Accessory structures/storage shed questionnaire. Use same answers as the Planning Commission recommended. 1 yes; 2 yes; 3 yes; 4 yes; 5 144; 6 CUP; 7 no; 8 12.



Old Business:  Road work-no frozen culverts. Need to grade when possible.

                        Dump truck brake repair-Clean it  out and haul to Joe Ricci

                        Additional solid waste dumpster-ordered for May 1

                        Replace loader 1yr warranty left-talked with Cat and getting a bid. May price others to see if we are getting a good deal.


Budget Review: done

Reports:  Chairman Olson-nothing

               County Rep Olson-no longer our County Representative.


New Business:  Pick BOR date, OB 1 week earlier-BOR possible dates to confirm. May 16 or May 17. OB 1 week earlier

                          Large dumpster date-40 yd to arrive week of May 23

                          BOR ordinances: Approved the one we have

                          IOH request-Olson/Welling motion to approve

                          Cty unit travel: meet at Clerk’s house by 5:45 pm

                          ROW road brushing and mowing-White to contact about mowing to the edge of right of way when possible. Mow grass mid-July timeframe

                         Comments WTA newsletter: none


Public recognition: Deer Lake dam decking to install Apr 27. ARPA funds to use -the standard exemption and do projects under $10,000 for no bidding.

Bills: Welling/White motion to approve vouchers 11790-11813.



            Board meeting                                            May 09, 2022 @7:00pm

            Annual meeting                                          Apr 19, 2022  @7:00pm  


Adjournment: Welling/White motion to adjourn

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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