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September 2019

Town Board Meeting called to order by Chair Olson at 7:00 pm on Sep 09, 2019 at the Community Center with all members present. Also present was 1 operator and 4 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notification was notified as per their request

Disposition of Minutes: approved as printed by a Welling/Rogers motion

Treasurer’s Report: approved as printed by a Welling/Rogers motion


Correspondence:  Mileage Certification. Map was signed and Clerk to send in.

                            State contracted price items. There is a website that lists all items and we could purchase at the state price.

                             2019 Fall workshops. No0 one will attend.

                             Equalized value report. Our value compared to others in the County was slightly higher.

                             2020 MFL entry & exit. Info only

Old Business: Shoulder disk. We will look at how they are made and see if possible, to build our own.

                       Generator-Generac has been out to view our needs. We will send a quote when ready.

                       Centennial was well attended, and all enjoyed the get together

                       Deer Lake dam deck-we may have found some W Oak for planks

                       Website will be started soon

                       Highway work. Bjelland was just started. Gravel hauling will depend on gravel left after Bjelland. Crack seal should be done the middle of Sep. They are about 3 weeks behind.

                       Credit card used the Clerk’s credit and was denied.

                       Member back up plan. We will start looking for a deputy for both the clerk and treasure positions. Looking at $15.00/hour We will come up with a job description during the budget work night on Oct 21.

On hold for County unit rewrite

                      Ordinance adoption handout Cty unit

                      Unit Leadership Suggestions pamphlet Cty unit                                                   

Budget Review was done for the month.

Reports: Chairman-nothing special to report

               County Rep Bassett-no report

New Business    Crushing bid-we will put in ad now to have completed by Jul 21, 2020.

                           ATV/UTV policy-we looked over and we will revise.

                           Solar panels. We will revisit this issue and will have a rep come and teach us about the newer version.

                           Comprehensive Plan-Frey to make a cover page and rewrite the signature page. Frey to also get quotes to print into a booklet.  The Commission will then approve and send to the town board.

                           Plan Comm members and election workers needed. We have a couple of possible but will look for more.

                           Emergency Action Plan for disasters update-We will talk next month about this.

                           Multimodal Local Supplement (MLS) 90/10 split-We will start this at the budget worknight.                                        

                           Comments on WTA Newsletter – There is a proposal that would increase truck weight up to 61,000#. WTA is opposed to this proposal.                      

Public Recognition: Comment about all the ATV traffic on Zettel Road over the holiday. Last month it was mentioned about it was time to start looking at a new grader. It was agreed to find out how much we could get on a trade.

Review & Disposition of Bills: Rogers/Welling motion was approved to pay vouchers 11202-11214.

Announcements:  Next Board Meeting                             Sep   09, 2019 @7:00 pm

                             Planning meeting                                  Nov   05, 2019 @7:00 pm

                             Cty Unit Radisson/Round Lake            Oct   28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

                             Centennial celebration                          Sep   08, 2019 @ 1-4 pm

                             Convention   WI Dells                          Oct 13-15

                             Voting machine demo                           Sep 13    10am              Adjournment-Rogers/Welling motion was approved to adjourn.

Clarence Frey Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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