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July 2019

Called to Order by Chairman Olson at 7:00 pm on July 8, 2019 at the Meteor Community Center with all members present, also present was both operators and 7 residents.

Open Meeting Requirements were met by posting

Hayward paper notified as per their request

Disposition of Minutes: approved by a Rogers/Welling motion

Treasurer’s Report: approved by a Welling/Rogers motion

Correspondence: Sorenson bill. An Olson/Welling was approved to deny the paying of the bill. A letter to be sent explaining.

                            4 County ordnance information only

                            LUP James Hanson information only

                            MFL transfer information only

Old Business:

                       Generator-A Welling/Olson was approved to purchase a propane generator and get all the proper hook up for safety and use. Rogers to secure the unit.

                       Centennial preparation. $200 was authorized for food

                       Deer Lake dam deck. 16’ White Oak planks are unavailable. We will get the best available wood to do the job.

                       Sell pickup. No locale buyers. It will be listed on Craig’s list.

                       Website. We are continuing the setup. We will secure the domain name when we get the credit card.

                       Highway work. We have had a couple of issues with the grader. It should be fixed now and will see about getting the spot gravel hauled. We received a bid for crack sealing. We will go ahead with that.

                       Credit card. Nothing yet.

                       Yard work Ellyn/Paul list. Not able to find a contractor to do. We have one to contact and if not able to do, we will attempt it ourselves with some guidance.

Budget Review was done for the month.

Reports: Chairman-We received a letter from Health and Human Services about taking out the dumpster and the garbage therein.

               County Rep Bassett-nothing

New Business   Snowplow contract. There will be no changes. We will make sure and charge the correct amounts for the longer driveways. A Welling/Rogers motion approved.

                          Road mowing. Paul Page will be in their office area and will get them started.

                          Shoulder disk. What the board was wanting was discussed. Rockie will contact FABICK and see what type of unit is available for our grader.

                          Comments on WTA Newsletter. Mostly about the changes in the state budget process.

Public Recognition: The board w\as informed that the chair was not fixable. Carl Vierck was looking for used culvert and his faded fire number. It was suggested that it was time to start thinking about buying a new grader. It was suggested that a Think You card for both John/Lynne Clark and Royce/Audrey Zesiger for their long-time service to the town.

Review & Disposition of Bills: A Rogers/Welling motion was approved for payment of vouchers 11172-11183                                                    

Adjournment. A Rogers/Olson was approved to adjourn.

Clarence Frey, Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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