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March 2020

Town Board meeting called to order on Mar 09, 2020 @7:00pm with all members present. Also present was 2 operators and 3 residents.


Open Meeting Requirements met by posting

Hayward paper notification in paper

Disposition of Minutes approved as printed by a Welling/Rogers motion.

Treasurer’s Report approved as printed by a Welling/Rogers motion.


Correspondence: None

Old Business:  Grader Thornapple has taken possession of the old grader. New one is for the end of March first of April.

                        Ord 1994-2 rewrite talked with Carlson, Spears, & Coleman about this. They do handle quite a bit of town issues.

                        Equipment fuel Frey did cancel Northern Lakes Coop for fuel. Nate will confirm with Lemke that we will be getting fuel from them.

                        Acoustic panels cost $415.49 per panel with 6 panels needed. Approved purchase by a Welling/Rogers motion.


On hold for Cty unit rewrite-nothing new on these 2 items

                    Ordinance adoption handout Cty unit

                    Unit Leadership Suggestions pamphlet Cty unit                                                                  

Budget Review done by the Board

Reports: Planning Paul. Met with the Town Board and went over the Emergency Plan and did the updates.

               Chairman Olson received notice that we were not approved of the MLS Grant.

               County Rep Bassett had o report.

New Business: Going green LED lights. Checking on the cost to change fixtures.

                         Zoning Bunkhouse questionnaire. Completed the form.

                         End of Gueldner land. We measured and determined that the mileage should be shortened by 61’ on the state mileage map.

                         Road rebuilds Gueldner, Jason’s. Letters were sent to both Russ Thompson Exc and “Select Exc.

                         Road-stream crossing tour. We will revisit in April

                         LGC webinar. Olson will sig up for one session.

                         Solar panels were not able to attend.

                         Comments WTA newsletter, nothing expressed


Public recognition: The election inspectors did send people home to get their license to vote. The County meeting said that many of the towns are doing the very same thing. Bob Wellner mowed nor us the past couple of years. He lost an operator and has decided to quit and sell all the equipment. We have ordered a part for the sander and we are going on a month and still not have.

Review & Disposition of Bills: A Welling/Rogers motion was approved to pay vouchers 11354-11379 totaling $13,512.39.


Announcements: Board meeting               Apr 13, 2020 @7:00pm

            Elections                             Apr 7, May 12, Aug 11, Nov 2

            District meeting Cable                   Mar 27, 2020 lv hall @6:30am

            Annual meeting of electors            Apr 21, 2020 @7:00pm


There being no further business properly brought before this meeting.

Adjournment approved by a Rogers/Welling motion.

Clarence E Frey, Town Clerk

Town of Meteor  -  Sawyer County  -  Meteor, Wisconsin

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